Erin Ivey at The Long Center
Saturday, October 25, 2008
First-ever live music performance in The Rollins Theater
design by Renee Fernandez
before the show w/Eddy
the band warms up
Erin’s soundcheck
JC, Grady, and Trafton
Bradley, Cheryl, and Erin
Chris Trafton on drums and glockenspiel
Eddy at the 9’ Steinway
Grady on electric bass
Erin and Rolf at the piano
Cheryl, Erin, and Grady sing BeautifulWonderful
Cheryl and Erin
Eddy and Erin
JC, Eddy, Grady, Trafton, Erin, Cheryl after the show
Erin and her dad share a hug
Vocals: Cheryl Kaderli, Bradley Calhoun
Guitar: JC Baxter
Bass: Christopher Charles Grady
Drums: Chris Trafton
Piano/M3 Organ: Eddy Hobizal, Rolf Ordahl
Set Design: Traci Goudie
Producer: Brian H. Conway
Photographer: Mathew Sturtevant
photos by Mathew Sturtevant used by kind permission